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Hi there! My name is Carlos “Carkod” Wu. I am an open-minded and optimistic person, something I have been trying so hard to be. I have a hunger for knowledge that brought me here, learning a few things and writing articles in this site about everything I could get my hands on.

I am currently studying a Business degree and I live in Madrid, Spain. Every now and then I design websites as a freelancer specializing in WordPress. I am planning to specialize in Finance and become a Chartered Financial Analyst.

I like to hang out with my best friends, play videogames, play and sing music, meet new people, travel — you will find most of these things I do on this site, and I also like to talk while I eat.

About and pattern spotting

Once you start to learn lots of things in your life, you may forget some. The purpose of this site is to remind me of the things I have learned, so I can use it when I need it.

After learning lots of things over the course of my life, I started to get quicker at learning and I was able to naturally find methods of learning which lead me to the concept of what I call “pattern spotting”.

As the term implies, it describes how I learn by spotting repeating patterns in different fields of knowledge and how they are linked to each other producing tension. I took this notion from the art of mosaics that paves streets, they repeat so many times that you end up learning how they are distributed, acquiring on the way a sense of direction. Music melodies follow patterns that allows musicians to create chords that accompany them creating progressions. These progressions start, then create some tension (feelings) for your ears and finish. Even in cuisine, you find different styles, like different styles of music, each with different patterns of flavor that create tension using ingredients for different palates’s preferences. You could take the same line of thought in Mathematics, as implied in the Nash Equilibrium, in Biology with the Evolution of species and in Psychology spotting people’s behavioral patterns (Behavioral Psychology), and if you are geeky enough you could use this method to create formulas for them too.

Nature is full of patterns, and once you discover them you are going to dominate it much quickly and easily.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay here in and I hope you learn something today.

See ya around!