Cost of living in cities around the world

I found this website Numbeo: Which uses aggregate data from users of the website who input the data to the website. It kind of follows the Wikipedia collaborative environment, […]

Stop saying “Self-teaching”

I have learned web design, HTML, CSS, using Photoshop among other tools by watching videos, reading books, practicing tutorials available on the Internet. People call it these days “Self-teaching” or […]

Random number in javascript

The following snippet creates an integer (no decimals) between the range you choose starting from 1. var range = whatever number you want; var randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * range ) […]

Remove /blog from multisite URLs

Introduction One of the issues of the multisite is that by default it appends /blog to the site’s URL, so no matter at which page you are, you’ll get something […]

Use wkhtmltopdf in WordPress

The story behind this method After tried several HTML to PDF engines such as TCPDF, MPDF, mostly had a common problem – they were not supporting most features of CSS. […]

Cleaning up Ubuntu 14.05 log files

Introduction I am using a Digital Ocean 30GB SSD droplet, not for long, I realized that only installing a few scripts made it consume over 75% of the disk space. […]

See if your PC can run a 64-bit OS

I was thinking whether my hardware was capable of running a 64-bit (x64) Windows. However, a search on Google added more confusion to this issue. Most queries searching “Can I […]

Leehom movie “Love in disguise (恋爱通告)” behind the scenes

A budget of 20 Million Euros, 53 changes in the script, hours of work, pranking friends and professionals in the Chinese movie industry, are some of the events that Leehom […]

Carkod 4.1 theme

There is no repository for this theme, I offer this theme for public use just for developers. It is NOT INTENDED FOR END-USERS, most of the modifications must be done […]

Carkod 4.1: Redesign

This article relates to Carkod 4.1, which is a theme that has been developed in 2 months, using latest design trends and new web tecnologies and frameworks. Following is an […]